10 Questions to Ask Your Characters

Creating a character which is real, life-like and believable becomes easier the more you treat your character like someone you know and someone who is real. Great characters have personalities, like and dislikes, values and flaws. Here are 10 great questions you can ask your character to help develop their personality and bring them to life.

  1. What do they love?

  2. What do they hate?

  3. What is their biggest fear?

  4. What does their perfect world look like?

  5. What is their biggest secret?

  6. What is their life goal?

  7. Who/What would they take a bullet for?

  8. What is their most vivid childhood memory?

  9. What is your biggest obsession?

  10. Are you happy right now?

Take the time to plan your characters and this will pay off in your writing as you can truely understand how they will react and respond to the complex situations and twists and turns that lie ahead in the plot.

What other questions have you asked a character?

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