I Will Write a Happy Poem by Riley Smith

I have determined to write a happy poem, Because you make me happy. It’s harder than I thought. The inside of my head is not as pretty As you, even though I have Changed the furniture to coordinate With your earth-made tones. The room locks the doors, Closes windows, Looks in mirrors to find you,… Continue reading I Will Write a Happy Poem by Riley Smith


Man Against Nature by Demi-May Sharpe

Here they come  In the millions  Marching strong  Axe in hand  A blood thirsty look  A desire to kill  A smile on face  No regret in mind  We run  We hide  We pray  We cry  Here comes man With their axe held high  We hide our young  Protect with our lives  We hold them close… Continue reading Man Against Nature by Demi-May Sharpe


back seat blues by Beth Phillips

the pavement is decorated in past lovers, girls like me with black-hole hand-me-downs, with a plan far too fragile to last the night.   and you taste like planes to greece, like the tension between our teeth, like that midnight goodbye before you take shelter on the floor, that penny carpet where my money once… Continue reading back seat blues by Beth Phillips


The Murderer by Ellie Fiander

Mary died on August 12th at 04:13am. I was there when her husband, John, found her later that morning after he returned home from a nightshift. John was devastated. He promised himself that he would catch the murderer, and when he did, he would make sure they paid for what they did to his wife.… Continue reading The Murderer by Ellie Fiander


Life Can Change in a Second by Tamerice Luke

A split second later, Paul not knowing where this sudden urge for commandership arose reached for John’s jacket attempting to retrieve his phone. John instinctively battered his arm away. Paul couldn’t help himself, like some sort of power surged through his body, an inner knowledge knowing he had to win this argument. He shoved John… Continue reading Life Can Change in a Second by Tamerice Luke


Biggest fan, pt. 1 by Heather Taylor

Ceridwen Hillam watched the blurred fields of flowers and wheat fly by, mesmerized by their gloriously bright colours. Stunning reds and yellows selflessly flung themselves at the passing cars; gentle shades of green and beige balanced the painting. Strips of shadows regularly dimmed her view every time they drove beneath a bridge or through a… Continue reading Biggest fan, pt. 1 by Heather Taylor


Just Words by Sarah Williams

He is drowning in a sea of words. A language that will never belong to him: hypothesis, photosynthesis, thesis - conform. The teacher’s monotonous monotone voice drones on as wave upon wave of words pummel towards him. He catches the odd one or two, but most pass by as he slowly drifts further out to… Continue reading Just Words by Sarah Williams


Camouflage by Bharti Bansal

Sometimes my face reeks of the disappointments As if someone will look at me And tell in an instant that I have wanted to die in the past As if someone will pass by me And the sweat of my body will tell him about how I coughed when I put my mother's stole around… Continue reading Camouflage by Bharti Bansal


Never Written a Story? Here’s how to Get Started

I meet people every day who tell me they can’t write a story. The truth, however, is that we’ve grown up writing stories, creating make-believe worlds and imaginary scenarios. No one has lost the ability to write a story, in fact, I’m a firm believer that anyone can write a story. But, if you’re struggling… Continue reading Never Written a Story? Here’s how to Get Started