Beside Myself Beside the Seaside by Biglad Poetry

Beside myself beside the seaside 

Beside myself beside the sea 

Beside myself with people of ill health  

And places that smell of wee  

Illuminating Neon lights  

Highlights many Dog shites  

North pier to south pier  

Beer bellies full of beer  

Chicken wings Bingo wings  

Bingo pens Staggs and hens  

Fake labels broken Picnic tables  

Head to toe tattoos black stiletto shoes  

Whippy ice creams Splitting seams  

Lost dreams pubs Big screens  

Full English with baked beans  

Doughnuts dummies candy floss  

Real wild child don’t give a toss  

Saints and sins Overflowing bins  

Wrappers cans Gay straight trans  

Pumpkins and ponies  

Falsies and fonies  

Flip flops with white socks  

High screams & Fairground shocks 

Beside myself beside the seaside  

Poor mans vagas by the sea  

Beside myself beside the seaside 

Fish and chips for your tea  

Elvis tributes drunken disputes  

Kiss me quick in Pools of sick  

Forgotten times forgotten crimes  

Seaside jaded glamour faded  

Look around and shed a tear 

And we will be back again next year

1 comment on “Beside Myself Beside the Seaside by Biglad Poetry

  1. I love this! It really puts me there (helps that I have also been there for realz). Terrific piece ❤️


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