Gone, Pt. 1 by Rachael Beasley

The shock of her auburn hair captivated me. The colour of her eyes, like water over slate, took the air from my lungs. Suddenly I was motionless in the stream of rush hour pedestrians, watching incredulously as she approached. Like a vivid dream, I hardly dared blink in case I woke, my mind tumbling with… Continue reading Gone, Pt. 1 by Rachael Beasley


Semicolons | Forever Grammar Pt. 5

Forever Grammar is a series on Forever Endeavour which will iron out all of your grammar woes. It will ensure your writing is spick and span, to match the brilliant ideas you have, and boost your confidence. We will cover everything from the basics of punctuation to the common errors in spelling. If you have… Continue reading Semicolons | Forever Grammar Pt. 5


Constant Companions by Kimberly McAfee

I thought I could find myself  I thought I could be free I thought I could grow into the person I was meant to be All in Japan That puts a lot of pressure on a place, doesn't it? Because even after experiencing  This country's beauty The amazing experiences that tourists Remember for the rest… Continue reading Constant Companions by Kimberly McAfee


Beyond the Dunes by Em Beasley

“Hello?”   The question echoed into the distance, tumbling away into the void. She blinked once. She blinked twice. Yet all she could comprehend was complete, inky darkness. Her ears strained at the emptiness, attempting to catch a response. Yet none came. She was alone.  “Hello?” she cried again, but still the only reply that came… Continue reading Beyond the Dunes by Em Beasley


Sublime Attire by David Russell

Could an extended kiss, breath heldBe that peeling elixir?To plunge into the well,Flooding our beingsWith the radiance of youth – Each peeled-off retro layerWafting back to the magicTime of its making, Its lovely seamstressesDreaming of the euphoriaOf its perfect wearerYearning to robe a legend,With dormant creations Then finally, after blank aeonsShe appeared. Would that I… Continue reading Sublime Attire by David Russell


Bad Decisions, pt.2 by Emily Simpson

Fleur wonders how Erika would respond to this news. Erika is not sympathetic to Fleur’s desire to sleep with men, and treats her with open contempt for this. Fleur had been invited to spend New Years Eve with Erika. When Fleur told her she had been invited to the bar with Yahya, Nathaniel, Joss and… Continue reading Bad Decisions, pt.2 by Emily Simpson


Seductress Divine by Joy Sheridan | Women’s History Month

She wore only an expression of fatal illusions, The power to capture and tear off at whim Those moths which fluttered Low, bright and light around her. Memory served no purpose while in her presence, For she would but lift her eyes and sweep them Over the brow of lovers – fatal she was, A… Continue reading Seductress Divine by Joy Sheridan | Women’s History Month


Creative Woman by Amy Jasek | Women’s History Month

In response to Forever Endeavour asking, for International Woman's Day, "what does being a creative woman mean to you?" With nails trimmed for instrumental efficacy.I reach down into my feminine soulI dig in to the secret placewhose roots knot around a luminous corethat I don't understandMy fingers absorb the resonance there,return clutching a momentthat drips… Continue reading Creative Woman by Amy Jasek | Women’s History Month


pear tree lover by Beth Phillips | Women’s History Month

stairs are too narrow and will waver for a momentwhen I try and find the light in this spacewhere touching will be encouraged.where I will paint the walls yellow to remind methat I must rebuild a state of beingthat I can no longer rely on mother to be a sourceof heat.this is what I have… Continue reading pear tree lover by Beth Phillips | Women’s History Month