15 Unique Phobias to use in your writing | Vamp Up your Vocab #1

Vamp Up your Vocab is a series on Forever Endeavour Magazine which will introduce you to some weird and wonderful words you’ve probably never heard of!

The following words are used to describe phobias, many of which you might never have seen before! A phobia is an intense, and often irrational, fear which can affect people’s lives and cause panic attacks. If you’re looking for a particular phobia to write into your plot or to enhance your characterisation, hopefully the list below will give you some inspiration.

Thalassophobia – Large bodies of water, e.g. lakes and the ocean.

Megalophobia – Large objects, e.g. skyscrapers, airplanes or large statues.

Scopophobia – Being stared at.

Plutophobia – Money, becoming wealthy and/or wealthy people.

Somniphobia – Sleep.

Aichmophobia – Sharp objects, e.g. knives, scissors and needles.

Pluviophobia – Rainy weather, specifically storms, thunder and lightning.

Nyctophobia – The dark.

Athazagoraphobia – Forgetting someone or something, or being forgotten.

Atychiphobia – Failure.

Philophobia – Love.

Nosocomephobia – Hospitals.

Glossophobia – Public speaking.

Chronophobia – Time.

Bibliophobia – Books.

Will you be incorporating any of these phobias into your writing? Are there any unique phobias you can share with us and our readers? Comment below!

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