Man Against Nature by Demi-May Sharpe

Here they come 

In the millions 

Marching strong 

Axe in hand 

A blood thirsty look 

A desire to kill 

A smile on face 

No regret in mind 

We run 

We hide 

We pray 

We cry 

Here comes man

With their axe held high 

We hide our young 

Protect with our lives 

We hold them close as they cry 

For you see 

We’re not much different 

For we love 

And we cry 

We watch in despair 

They tear it apart 

They take their axe 

And cut our lives short 

Their eyes glow red 

Have a thirst for death 

They smiled wide 

Teeth shine bright 

These monsters 

Hold their axe high 

We can’t defend 

We just hide 

We can’t finish 

Your brutal attack 

We watch our lives go 

With every swing of your axe 

That’s another year gone 

Stop your brutal attack 

You finally leave 

Away with your army 

Of two legged monsters 

Back to your families 

We’re left with the aftermath 

Lost loved ones to your axe 

Lost our homes 

Left with half of what we had 

We dread the return 

Of man and his axe 

For we’re always left 

With less than what we had 

If this continues 

We’ll be no more 

We hope man will stop 

Or we’ll be gone forevermore.

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1 comment on “Man Against Nature by Demi-May Sharpe

  1. Kaiter Enless

    Man and his “axe” are the only reason we’re all still here.


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