Great Books to Help New Writers

Sometimes, your mind might overflow with fantastic, creative ideas and an incredible energy to get started on writing something, but the actual writing is your biggest barrier. If you are struggling with constructing your story, crafting your characters or perfecting that punctuation, here are our book recommendations to help. Click the pictures below to find out more about each book!

Writing Fiction – Amanda Boulter

As a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Winchester, Boulter shares some amazing tips for writing fiction, with plenty of prompts to get you started on your short story or novel.

 How to Write Non-Fiction by Joanna Penn

Creative non-fiction is everyone’s go-to genre, however a cathartic and interesting one to explore as a new or aspiring writer. If you need some advice on what non-fiction is and how to get started, this book is for you.

 Stop Worrying; Start Writing by Sarah Painter

If it’s a lack of productivity or an excess of doubt holding you back and stopping you starting or finishing your writing, best-selling novelist Sarah Painter is here to help you through it.

 Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss

Why let grammar worries or poor punctuation hold back your creativity and passion for writing? This book will ensure your writing is as grammatically sound as your ideas.

 Ready, Set, Novel! by Tavia Stewart-Streit,  Lindsey Grant and Chris Baty 

While this isn’t so much a book full of advice, it is an amazing tool writers can use to work on every aspect of their novel! This journal is full of prompts, activities and inspiration to get you ready to write.

We’re passionate here at Forever Endeavour to create an inspiring and motivational community for aspiring writers, and hope these books can give you the boost you need to start pursuing your writing dream. If you have any more recommendations, comment below to let us know! And, if you’re inspired to get writing and want to share it with the world, send your fiction, non-fiction or poetry to to have it published on the site!


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