Biggest Fan, pt. 5 by Heather Taylor

“Five minutes remaining, everyone. Fi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ive…minutes.” Half of the students in the sports hall frantically flicked through their physics paper while the other half, those who had already given up within the first thirty minutes of the exam, mentally groaned with the great effort of staying awake even longer. Bella was among the second half. She… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt. 5 by Heather Taylor


What are Archetypes?

Applying and understanding character archetypes to your writing is an important part of creating a story and being a writer. This article will explain what archetypes are, what they mean to writers and some examples you can use in your own writing. An archetype is a typical example of something, be it a person, place… Continue reading What are Archetypes?


Weekly Writing Prompt #26

"You really know how to make me cry, when you give me those ocean eyes" - Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish   Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels you back to a vivid… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #26


Biggest Fan, pt.4 by Heather Taylor

Ceri's shoulders tensed and she sucked in a sudden breath as a harsh pitter-patter of hot rain hammered down on her back. There was no time to wait for the water to steady and reach an acceptable temperature, the school bus was to arrive in less than half an hour and Ceri had procrastinated through… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt.4 by Heather Taylor


The Handprints Inside Us by Afrah Bari

Each day I see the many ways in which we impact the people around us; and they, us.  From when we feel compelled to tell them what we think, to us wanting them to voice their opinion. We seek to not only affect them, but also their validation. We feel incomplete having not told them.… Continue reading The Handprints Inside Us by Afrah Bari


What are Character Flaws?

When writing characters, it can sometimes be difficult to bring them to life and make the reader feel as though these characters are real. This article will explain character flaws, so you can effectively write characters and integrate them into your plot. Character Traits and Character Flaws Character traits are personalities, values and qualities that… Continue reading What are Character Flaws?


How to be Diverse and Inclusive in Your Writing

Sometimes as writers, we naturally lean towards characters similar to ourselves, our family or friends, and other people around us. As creators, however, I believe we owe it to our readers to show an accurate portrayal of real life, from angles that aren't our own, and submerge our readers in ideas and perspectives that challenge… Continue reading How to be Diverse and Inclusive in Your Writing


Fevers of the Sleepless by Afrah Bari

Twisting and turning is all I seem to be doing lately.  Grabbing at the sheets, so they replace the warmth that you stole. Drifting into an uneasy dream, constantly brushing off the sweat on my brow. Waking up to a silent house isn't as relaxing as people make it out to be. I was told… Continue reading Fevers of the Sleepless by Afrah Bari


Todd the Toad, pt.2 by George Butcher

They were walking towards Squirrel Fishnets’ house. Todd hadn’t really said 'come with me', and Mrs Tiddles hadn’t just disappeared inside for her thick walking shawl for going out just like that either; in fact they exchanged a rather unaesthetic dialogue for some time. This may have included Todd going totally against the theme of… Continue reading Todd the Toad, pt.2 by George Butcher


Biggest Fan, pt.3 by Heather Taylor

Yet again, the seating plan had changed, although this time it was for the better. Ceri was no longer paired with Anna - an annoying girl who had a terrible habit of launching glue sticks across the classroom to destroy artistic displays. Instead, she was thrilled to have Cherry as her partner for the short… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt.3 by Heather Taylor