Forever Endeavour Charity Short Story Competition 2020

We are excited to announce that this year, we will be running a short story competition! This is our first competition since Forever Endeavour launched last year and we can't wait to start reading your brilliant submissions! Click here to enter! Our aim on Forever Endeavour is to give a voice to and showcase the… Continue reading Forever Endeavour Charity Short Story Competition 2020


Different Points of View in Writing explained

One of the questions faced by writers is which point of view to write from. You may not realise there are more options than just straightforward first or third person, and this post will explain the difference between the various points of view you may write or read. First personFirst person point of view is… Continue reading Different Points of View in Writing explained


Biggest Fan, pt.8 by Heather Taylor

“What are you up to for New Year’s?” Ceri asked Tasmin. The year was coming to an end and almost everyone was locked up in their houses without a will for much else, munching their way through mountains of leftover roast turkey and wallowing in wintery confusion. All offices and small companies were closed until… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt.8 by Heather Taylor


Weekly Writing Prompt #41

"Life feels like a lie, I need something to be true, is there anybody out there?" - Nothing Revealed/Everything Denied, The 1975   Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels you back to… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #41


Make Up by Keenal Majithia

Eyelash curler. Make me look sharp. Eyeliner. Define my eyes. I want people to be surprised, change their perspective. A touch of blush. Make my cheeks more definitive. Cover up my pasty skin so people see I have emotions. Though it appears embarrassment or humiliation may be more pronounced, As the pink tinge should suggest… Continue reading Make Up by Keenal Majithia


revision by Matthew Daley

sixty eyes stared at my               stuttered fidgeting having not committed to Sonnet 18 but rather laid on coiled carpet living Love & Rockets while Ian MacKaye reminded me my time is like water down a drain but Ms. W- isn’t selling sympathy as her words puncture the silence: we don’t memorise to remember, me… Continue reading revision by Matthew Daley


Daisy Chain by Becca Harrington

My lips taste like autumn leaves, and the wind blows petrichor kisses to starve my smile of teeth. And these crowded streets tell lonely tales, like the boy who loved me once. He'd want me until the leaves turned green and I lost the taste of new beginnings. I didn't see him again, but heard… Continue reading Daisy Chain by Becca Harrington


Weekly Writing Prompt #40

[Photo description: A set of old keys on a ring hanging from a set of rusty hooks, with a shape of an old car above them.] Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #40


Mirrored Dream by Premsagar Bajaj

There was a mirror in my room... I started hyperventilating, Guess I was woken up by a bad dream! Looked in the mirror, Felt like my worst nightmares, Floating in reflections from my head. Dreams do no harm they say, Especially the ones already dead! Night has always been kind, To hand me over to… Continue reading Mirrored Dream by Premsagar Bajaj


Commas | Forever Grammar Pt. 2

Forever Grammar is a new series on Forever Endeavour which will iron out all of your grammar woes. It will ensure your writing is spick and span, to match the brilliant ideas you have, and boost your confidence. We will cover everything from the basics of punctuation to the common errors in spelling. If you… Continue reading Commas | Forever Grammar Pt. 2