Wahgwan by Sinea Alvis

Why you killing your brothers?

Violating your sisters?

In a world like today,

Where you can get paid

For shit like, watching video games.

You’d rather be on the block,

Licking shots;

Carrying that shank, buning’ that dank,

To look and act like your bad

Or to shield from those that do.

Wahgwan for yous?

Getting vex & wanna flex,

Coz next man’s got better crep

Or you’re just doing it for the rep;

So dem man, don’t think you’re wet.

Meanwhile, these motherfuckers are out here,

kneeling on OUR fucking necks!

Treating us with, no respect.

But you’d rather be in the trap,

Practising to back-strap,

hyping with a bottle of yack.

Wahgwan for yous?

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