i’m fat so i’m unbeautiful by Sophie Edwards | International Women’s Day Celebration

*Trigger warning: disordered eating and discussion of weight*

once a woman reaches size 16,

she becomes invisible.

a ghost dressed in lace, if you will.

the ghost has balloon breasts, laced balloon breasts,

which can’t be sexualised because

it doesn’t count when a girl (or a ghost) is a size 16 with double j’s.

christmas morning doesn’t matter,

the fat girl is forced to eat holly

which scratches her throat

but there’s calories in blood.

that same ghost drifts around upstairs,

but is still blamed for the creaking floorboards.

the bed frame has broken, stupid fucking fat ghost.

boys don’t like fat.

the ghost goes for a swim but the sea water is too much.

too much salt for the steak.

once a woman reaches over size 16,

she becomes invisible.

it’s no joke, no gimmick, just the way it has to be.

the ghost can’t go shopping in Zara,

it’s a thin-persons shop.

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