About Us

Forever Endeavour is a creative writing online magazine dedicated to amplifying the voices of aspiring writers.

We believe that writing and creating inspires and frees us from the monotony of everyday life. We are passionate about bringing to life the artistic, cathartic and eye-opening magic that is creativity, which we either chose to consume or make.

While studying Creative Writing and Media at university, we were surrounded by writing-lovers and creators on our course, as well as inspiring and passionate people studying other degrees and out in the workplace. It soon sunk in that the internet lacked a space – a community – for us all to escape and embrace our love of writing, reading, sharing and creativity.  We needed a platform for people to write, share and grow.

And so, Forever Endeavour was born. 

We want Forever Endeavour to be a go-to space for writers and other creatives to share their work with a wider audience. We are dedicated to giving a platform and voice to young, aspiring creatives, and welcome poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction pieces.

The site runs off submissions from passionate people, whether writing is a small or big part of their life. You don’t have to be a professional or have any experience at all. If you have an idea and the desire to create, this is your space and we are your people. There is no deadline for submissions and you can send over any writing at any time.

Forever Endeavour was founded by two passionate Creative Writing graduates, keen to help bring your ideas and stories to life. All submissions will be read by us and any spelling or grammar issues ironed out before they are published on the site. We are keen to build a strong network of creatives together and are excited to welcome anyone interested in writing to the magazine. So have no fear if you have little experience, or even none! Just give it a go, or send over an idea you’re mulling over, and we’ll be happy to help.

In such a competitive world, we want to amplify your voice and your writing.

Are you ready to be heard?

Luke and Becca

Founders of Forever Endeavour

luke@foreverendeavour.uk becca@foreverendeavour.uk

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