Mirrored Dream by Premsagar Bajaj

There was a mirror in my room…
I started hyperventilating,
Guess I was woken up by a bad dream!
Looked in the mirror,
Felt like my worst nightmares,
Floating in reflections from my head.
Dreams do no harm they say,
Especially the ones already dead!

Night has always been kind,
To hand me over to the day,
But the latter makes me wonder,
If daydreaming is plausible,
Or we’re all just naive!

The dreams we have,
Sometimes do come true…
That’s why some people are insomniacs,
While others just clueless!

Even though you can’t sleep at night,
Still you do have to get up in the morning,
You don’t get nightmares,
You live up to it,
Nothing else haunts you more than yourself!

Mirror on my room’s wall speaks it all,
The dreams I try to forget the mirror makes me regret!
Bad ones still float there,
The mirror I guess was never here.
My room is empty, my dreams were lucid,
It’s reality that’s deceptive…
The tales told once had turned into fables,
Stories were all a myth, reality was a dream,
To dream in that reality was like to exist in a hypothetical world!

Somebody, someone, somewhere, somehow…
Tell me or just let me know…
Give me a hint, how so ever subliminal it may be!
This world we live in,
The people we are or who we pretend to be,
The ones we meet, things we do…
Our mistakes, our flaws, our truths,
The empathy we show and the feelings we have,
Loyalty, betrayals, honesty, modesty…
Are these all real?
Or just me & you being in a state of some Hypnagogic Dream!

Find Premsaga here: http://m.me/abstractoneliners

3 comments on “Mirrored Dream by Premsagar Bajaj

  1. This is a very imaginative poem about my favourite topic – the antithesis of dreams & reality! I especially liked the phrase,”Nothing else haunts you more than yourself!”

    It reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe’s beautiful expression: ”All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

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  2. premsagarbajaj



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