Biggest Fan, pt. 9 by Heather Taylor

“Hey, Ceri—” “What’s wrong? You sound sad,” she immediately blurted down the phone. “I was just wondering if I could come over for a little while; a week?” “Why? What’s happened?” “I think Yuni and I need some time apart,” Aaron admitted in a downcast tone. For the past three months, Yuni had been taking… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt. 9 by Heather Taylor


Naked Butterfly by Miss Kanishka

Eternally, morning is the starter, Noon's the course, Night's the dessert... Perhaps they're bonded afar, It shall be the first touch to colour the art! Dark room and shattered gaze, Ardent languor pouring down his face... He summoned her lascivious self; Placing the cushion on the mirror shelf, Slowly Inclining her backwards He lingered on… Continue reading Naked Butterfly by Miss Kanishka


Meditative Thoughts by Rachael Holmes

Inhale the bitter cold, Burning my cheeks, Inflamed, blushing, In pulsing thought. Exhale warmth, Watch it dance in a mist, Before succumbing To the seductive breeze. A relaxing zephyr Becomes intrusive. Meditation demands The mutually exclusive: Reflect and dismiss the abyss. The mind settles, though actively seeks, To breathe memories, I refuse to release. This… Continue reading Meditative Thoughts by Rachael Holmes


Beauty of a Goddess by Chiara Scaduto

Beauty of a goddess: Silky, sunset golden hair Smooth, porcelain skin Rose petal flushed cheeks. This you pursue. This you chase. Divine paradigm of beauty. Aphrodite you seek to be, Beautiful Goddess of Love. Yet no love is there for ‘Me’, Me, the girl looking back With celestial eyes, When mirror in hand Dissection begins,… Continue reading Beauty of a Goddess by Chiara Scaduto


I Can’t Breathe by Sunanda Shome

“I can’t breathe”, he said. Over and over again. The words have been suffocating me. They were muffled, they came out as gasps, and then they stopped. These very words have been repeated a million times in a million different ways, haven’t they? Can we not hear? Or did we stop listening? Do you know… Continue reading I Can’t Breathe by Sunanda Shome


Call from the Ocean by Alexandra Vick | Pride Month

For Serena On the seashore she sang Her heart pouring into the ocean Powerful air whipping breath into salty sea spray No end and no beginning The beach holds tales told by her sandy toes As they sink into her warm embrace Broken shells gently crunch under those familiar feet Weaving back into salt dust… Continue reading Call from the Ocean by Alexandra Vick | Pride Month


Sapiosexual by Ciara Maxfield | Pride Month

Come here let me undress ur mind, leave the clothes on. Get naked with ur thoughts. I touch you with no hands. Let me feel how u create new wonders of how to please my soul. Dig deep into the inner you and drag out your inner self, bringing out the passionate lover.. give me… Continue reading Sapiosexual by Ciara Maxfield | Pride Month


Make Up by Keenal Majithia

Eyelash curler. Make me look sharp. Eyeliner. Define my eyes. I want people to be surprised, change their perspective. A touch of blush. Make my cheeks more definitive. Cover up my pasty skin so people see I have emotions. Though it appears embarrassment or humiliation may be more pronounced, As the pink tinge should suggest… Continue reading Make Up by Keenal Majithia