The Hare and the Otter by Liz Chadwick Pywell | Pride Month

Yesterday I saw a hare. I had removed my clothes for the task I had set myself, ready to let the weeds pull me down like Ophelia, but when she appeared, I paused. I felt the draw of her blood. From a distance, she was a speck only, a dust ball, and then, as she… Continue reading The Hare and the Otter by Liz Chadwick Pywell | Pride Month


Call from the Ocean by Alexandra Vick | Pride Month

For Serena On the seashore she sang Her heart pouring into the ocean Powerful air whipping breath into salty sea spray No end and no beginning The beach holds tales told by her sandy toes As they sink into her warm embrace Broken shells gently crunch under those familiar feet Weaving back into salt dust… Continue reading Call from the Ocean by Alexandra Vick | Pride Month


Mature by Jade Mutyora | Pride Month

I won't beg you to love me unworthy as I am nor will I promise you an earth that isn’t mine to give I won’t simplify your history by pointing out that I could disprove your theory of unlovability if you’d only let me try I won’t convince you that white women don’t manifest their… Continue reading Mature by Jade Mutyora | Pride Month


Among Ruins by Serena Piccoli | Pride Month

to Alexandra We 2 stand tall among ruins I don't look around anymore, like when I was alone, now I only have time to get into your eyes\belly\breast\mouth\vagina\arms and I do not see the burning dust I remember the runaways that feel illegal in your country those who don't know where to start because they’ve… Continue reading Among Ruins by Serena Piccoli | Pride Month


Hormigas No Piensan by Daniel Barrios

Saturday morning. The 25-year-old Dominican did what she knew best. She got into uniform and cleaned rooms. In room 31 there was a lot of mess. She wore black curls in a bun. A big grey shirt, black leggings, sneakers. She dressed this way six days a week. On Wednesdays she wore grey sweats and… Continue reading Hormigas No Piensan by Daniel Barrios


Daisy Chain by Becca Harrington

My lips taste like autumn leaves, and the wind blows petrichor kisses to starve my smile of teeth. And these crowded streets tell lonely tales, like the boy who loved me once. He'd want me until the leaves turned green and I lost the taste of new beginnings. I didn't see him again, but heard… Continue reading Daisy Chain by Becca Harrington


(Un)conditional Love by Buhle Skosana

"I hope that you never fade away, That my memories remain unchanged. For hours on end on the field we would play Now my emotions are rearranged Please take me to a place of no sadness Where prosperity reigns eternally And deficient of this planet's madness So we can exist spiritually A million times I… Continue reading (Un)conditional Love by Buhle Skosana


Zephyr by Miss Kanishka

I could hear letters When no one utters; —ruminate upon thyself Weaving an alluring shelf; Broken fence , dried tree, Pale land reciting thee; Noise roving silently And silence being noisy ; —ponder the pondering bee Blinking upon Delhi street, to see; I lean on dusk the sorrow of my, When nature cry as raspberry… Continue reading Zephyr by Miss Kanishka


Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Womens Day to all our amazing female writers and readers! For too long, women have been told who to be. We want women to realise that they are in control of who they are, that they are not in competition with one another and that they can love what they’re told not to.… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!