Daisy Chain by Becca Harrington

My lips taste like autumn leaves, and the wind blows petrichor kisses to starve my smile of teeth. And these crowded streets tell lonely tales, like the boy who loved me once. He'd want me until the leaves turned green and I lost the taste of new beginnings. I didn't see him again, but heard… Continue reading Daisy Chain by Becca Harrington


(Un)conditional Love by Buhle Skosana

"I hope that you never fade away, That my memories remain unchanged. For hours on end on the field we would play Now my emotions are rearranged Please take me to a place of no sadness Where prosperity reigns eternally And deficient of this planet's madness So we can exist spiritually A million times I… Continue reading (Un)conditional Love by Buhle Skosana


Zephyr by Miss Kanishka

I could hear letters When no one utters; —ruminate upon thyself Weaving an alluring shelf; Broken fence , dried tree, Pale land reciting thee; Noise roving silently And silence being noisy ; —ponder the pondering bee Blinking upon Delhi street, to see; I lean on dusk the sorrow of my, When nature cry as raspberry… Continue reading Zephyr by Miss Kanishka


Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Womens Day to all our amazing female writers and readers! For too long, women have been told who to be. We want women to realise that they are in control of who they are, that they are not in competition with one another and that they can love what they’re told not to.… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!


Park That Thought by Astrid Dorfman Dyrli | International Women’s Day Celebration

*Trigger warning: sexual assault* It was late September, the last few of a series of beautiful autumn days before the rain set in until spring. It was a summer of endings in many respects, and yet many of the endings were long overdue. My mandatory education had ended in June, and with it ended my… Continue reading Park That Thought by Astrid Dorfman Dyrli | International Women’s Day Celebration


International Women’s Day Celebration – We Need You!

International Women's Day falls on Sunday 8th March 2020, and we want to amplify and celebrate the voices of creative and passionate women on Forever Endeavour all weekend. How can you get involved? We are encouraging submissions of poetry, fiction and non-fiction that bring light to issues and challenges faced by women, amazing accomplishments achieved… Continue reading International Women’s Day Celebration – We Need You!


beachside caravan park by Beth Phillips

ocean dances like the dirt bike on ridgacre road, lustful and longing and silent at noon.   ocean pulls at my feet, collecting heavy steps and heartbreak for children to play with.   ocean watches parents argue over where the wind catcher should go, whose turn is it to collect change, who will end up… Continue reading beachside caravan park by Beth Phillips


Biggest Fan, pt.4 by Heather Taylor

Ceri's shoulders tensed and she sucked in a sudden breath as a harsh pitter-patter of hot rain hammered down on her back. There was no time to wait for the water to steady and reach an acceptable temperature, the school bus was to arrive in less than half an hour and Ceri had procrastinated through… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt.4 by Heather Taylor


The Handprints Inside Us by Afrah Bari

Each day I see the many ways in which we impact the people around us; and they, us.  From when we feel compelled to tell them what we think, to us wanting them to voice their opinion. We seek to not only affect them, but also their validation. We feel incomplete having not told them.… Continue reading The Handprints Inside Us by Afrah Bari