Call from the Ocean by Alexandra Vick | Pride Month

For Serena

On the seashore she sang
Her heart pouring into the ocean
Powerful air whipping breath into salty sea spray
No end and no beginning

The beach holds tales told by her sandy toes
As they sink into her warm embrace
Broken shells gently crunch under those familiar feet
Weaving back into salt dust to begin again
As she treads more delicately
To preserve these precious homes of the sea
Hunting for jewels of imperfect perfection
Mementos of life, of her life, spent here

The fecund force of the ocean fills her lungs
Lapping at her toes, calves, thighs, stomach
Lifting her, weightless, into lucid hands
Healing pain and stresses of another time
As she bobs and floats with the swelling of the tide

Somewhere, far away in the distance
A siren song calls out
Enveloped in the breaking of waves
Yet carried so softly and whispered so gently
Into the ears of her waiting lover

Alexandra is an artist and poet who loves spending time by the sea.  She is also a self-confessed procrastinator and has amazed herself by managing to actually submit something for once!  She also doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Unfortunately, her full time job is living with chronic illness and searching for better treatment for CFS, POTS and Thyroiditis so she can get back to performing arts, hiking, swimming and generally approaching life with gusto.

This poem is dedicated to her fiancée, soul mate, fellow poet and thalassophile – Serena.

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