Acid Attack Survivor – A Rose Phoenix by Aparna | Pride Month

Bowing down to her inner strength,
furious sufferings, didn’t dare to scare her
Acknowledging her continuous strive to breathe,
once antagonist soul, then started to support her
Knowing her deep desire to smile again,
flow of sorrowful tears surrendered before her
Agreeing to her decision for living more,
all her wounds kept healing,to help her
Failure of ACID to burn out her self power and esteem,
made depression stroll away from her

Not sympathy, empathy is all she wants
Not support, our companionship is all she requires
Not a victim, she is a phoenix about whom my conscience wonders

Not to shed drops of sad and regretful tears,
Her rebirth’s struggle got me to write these few words
Cause not to get her pain felt,
To get us inspired to fight for ourselves is all she aspires

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