Mature by Jade Mutyora | Pride Month

I won’t beg you to love me
unworthy as I am
nor will I promise you an earth
that isn’t mine to give

I won’t simplify your history
by pointing out that I could
disprove your theory of unlovability
if you’d only let me try

I won’t convince you that white women
don’t manifest their beautiful lives
the universe hands it to them on a plate
and they don’t know shit about me

I won’t pour my feelings into written words
to try to change your mind and
persuade you that I’m the depth you seek
and everything else you need

I’m sensible and realistic
I won’t look at pictures of you
until the stone that was my heart
chips and cracks and crumbles

I have some self respect
I won’t relive how your mouth felt
or how your kiss was so powerful
it could shield me from all hurt

I won’t replay your voice
to catch a fragment of your laugh
to keep the wound of my heart open
in case you ever decide to come back in

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