Among Ruins by Serena Piccoli | Pride Month

to Alexandra

We 2 stand tall among ruins

I don’t look around anymore, like when I was alone,
now I only have time to get into your eyes\belly\breast\mouth\vagina\arms
and I do not see the burning dust

I remember the runaways that feel illegal in your country
those who don’t know where to start
because they’ve never talked about\to themselves
those who had sex in a hurry\instinctively
those who tell lies because they’ve been surviving in this way
those who drown in the water of the mirage

the bricks roll to the ground
to the sound of “don’t be an homosexual because you offend god
if god is offended, then it offends me
or maybe I don’t care

the dust rises and falls on “you’re too feminine to be a lesbian
thud of stones and sky “homosexuality is a Western perversion
another high collapse “homosexuality is a modern fashion

and while you landed inside me
fleeing from corrective rape –
because lesbians – and on top of that black – should be straightened up-
the ruins
were demonstrating hatred in the city of youthful love

And now, My Love,
while I hold you with my eyes
and I suck you with my hands
I am more powerful than any collapse in law that can take you away

while on these stones
we bloom in paper

Serena Piccoli (she\her) is an Italian poet and playwright. She’s a transfeminist, a lesbian and a human rights activist.

This poem is one of a collection of six written in dedication to her fiancée Alexandra. 

Her political chapbook of poems “silviotrump” was published in 2017 by Moria Poetry, Chicago, USA.

Her work has been featured in anthologies in UK (The quality of Mersey, Liverpool 2018; Hidden Voice Anthology 1, Manchester 2019), in USA (Extreme, a social environmental anthology, Vagabond, Los Angeles 2018), in magazines in UK (Abridged, Derry, May 2020; In the red 18, Liverpool, April 2020), USA, Romania and Italy. 

15 of her poems are on placesofpoetry.org UK Poetry Map. Follow her on twitter @piccoli_serena.

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