Creative Woman by Amy Jasek | Women’s History Month

In response to Forever Endeavour asking, for International Woman’s Day, “what does being a creative woman mean to you?”

With nails trimmed for instrumental efficacy.
I reach down into my feminine soul
I dig in to the secret place
whose roots knot around a luminous core
that I don’t understand
My fingers absorb the resonance there,
return clutching a moment
that drips and sings in the sun

It’s sweet on my lips,
the juice runs down my chin
as I relish each bite,
devouring, reprocessing,
taking possession of this fruit
that nourishes each stroke of my pencil,
each knuckle movement,
each flicker of the eye and shutter to capture light,
each point of the toe and tap of the heel,
every idea,
every inch of little big
simple complicated
lady unladylike
mother free-spirited
woman me

Follow Amy on Twitter and Instagram @AmyJasek and find her blog here: https://amyjasek.medium.com/

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