Capable by Miss Kanishka

Never have I known
I’ve been the best con;
Guileless was I, pondering
I’m incapable of deceiving anyone…
Don’t ever think I won’t show
My demons and claws
For I’ve deciphered your cause,
But fell and was wounded;
All my life I had to run
For that perfection
Which wasn’t for me…
It’s the fury, the wrath of one
Who suffered long,
Fallacious promises you made
The storms are brewing
For there are no mouths that
Cease to deride with acerbic
Accolades in its charm;
You yearned for the reality,
When once I revealed
You accepted the cured beauty
I wasn’t incapable, it was you so capable
To find me like this
For you were reflected in all my verses!
The words that once were muse
Became my only curse
When insomnia sung it’s cruel tame
And demons rubbed their claws
Dancing on the periphery of my sill…
They tied me with strings
And now I fly without your wings.
I’m capable to scrap
My ink and blow the rhymes;
There are lot more verses to be aligned,
You cry my biography
And I control the time.
I’m the one you call “silence”
Who never got the credit
Of your smile…

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