3 Ways to Manage Multiple Narrators

A story told through the voices of various characters is a sure-fire way to capture different plots and different personalities in the same narrative, while engaging and exciting your readers. Here are the different ways that you can dance between the different voices in your narrative. Alternative Chapters You can switch between two (or more… Continue reading 3 Ways to Manage Multiple Narrators


Weekly Writing Prompt #17

'Wanderlust' [Definition: A strong desire to travel.]   Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels you back to a vivid memory or sparks a whole new narrative or idea, challenge yourself and see… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #17


10 Questions to Ask Your Characters

Creating a character which is real, life-like and believable becomes easier the more you treat your character like someone you know and someone who is real. Great characters have personalities, like and dislikes, values and flaws. Here are 10 great questions you can ask your character to help develop their personality and bring them to… Continue reading 10 Questions to Ask Your Characters


The Mourning Beckons of an Amicable Voice by Suchismita Ghoshal

Decent for the first time in a stretch of odd days, Arpan looked around the farmhouse searching for a more productive way to spend his day. He had been drinking heavily ever since his family left him last Tuesday out of a big brawl and, as he looked around the house, he saw many things… Continue reading The Mourning Beckons of an Amicable Voice by Suchismita Ghoshal


Boarding House Blunders: Anna is Cast from the Nest, pt. 1 by Jack Hancock

I read Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe when I was twelve. It took me two days, ten hours each time, to read and digest every word. Every morsel of danger experienced by the Narrator on that desolate island with no food, I felt, blossomed through the vivid language used by its creator as the words hugged tightly… Continue reading Boarding House Blunders: Anna is Cast from the Nest, pt. 1 by Jack Hancock


What is Creative NON-Fiction?

Creative Non-Fiction defines this category of writing as 'true stories well told'. And this is an apt description as you'll find. Non-fiction, at its core, is simply facts. It becomes creative non-fiction when you inject a story with energy, character, and personality. For example, describing a trip as a narrative, writing about a real travel experience… Continue reading What is Creative NON-Fiction?


What is an Epistolary Narrative?

An epistolary narrative is the telling of a story through a series of documents, rather than the traditional prose usually used in writing. The word comes from ‘ἐπιστολή epistolē’, which means letter. The most common, and classic, form of epistolary narratives is through letters – so the story is told through letters sent between characters.… Continue reading What is an Epistolary Narrative?