Writing Challenge Advent Calendar 2019

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll already know all about this 👀

Every day in December we are posting a new writing prompt or challenge to get you writing over the festive period.

For all the information, to see the prompts and take part in the advent calendar, head over to our Instagram @foreverendeavourmag!

See below for the list of writing prompts – updated once a day when we release them, so keep checking back!

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Day 1: Write a monologue titled ‘I am strong’
Day 2: Start a story with “How could you lie to me? Did you think you would get away with this?”
Day 3: Write a memoir about the best or worst gift you’ve received
Day 4: Write a story about a character who finds out they live inside a snow globe
Day 5: Write a poem that uses the word ‘ice’
Day 6: Write a story from the point of view of an animal seeing snow for the first time
Day 7: Write a letter to yourself at this time last year
Day 8: Rewrite the lyrics to your favourite festive song or carol
Day 9: Write a story about Christmas morning in the sci-fi genre
Day 10: What if you had the power to rewrite the last year? Write about what you would change…
Day 11: Write a memoir about your favourite festive or holiday memory
Day 12: What is one food you HATE and think doesn’t belong at Christmas?
Day 13: It’s Christmas Eve and your characters have broken out in a massive argument…
Day 14: Write a poem titled ‘gift’
Day 15: Start a story with ‘I can’t wait any longer!’
Day 16: Write a horror story set in a snowy landscape
Day 17: How would your favourite character celebrate Christmas/a festive holiday?
Day 18: Write a story from the point of view of festive decorations watching a family celebrate
Day 19: A child walks downstairs and sees their toys have come to life…
Day 20: When a rich person’s life is saved by a homeless person, they invite them to dinner to say thank you….
Day 21: Write a story that starts ‘Are you sure you’ve got everything?’
Day 22: Tell a story through the eyes of a child seeing Santa putting presents under the tree
Day 23: Write a highly descriptive piece about eating your favourite festive meal
Day 24: Free-write in any form with the title ‘together’

If these prompts inspire you to write something, send it to us, we’d love to read it! Email us – – with your writing 👌

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