I Will Write a Happy Poem by Riley Smith

I have determined to write a happy poem,

Because you make me happy.

It’s harder than I thought.

The inside of my head is not as pretty

As you, even though I have

Changed the furniture to coordinate

With your earth-made tones.

The room locks the doors,

Closes windows,

Looks in mirrors to find you,

Which we both know won’t work.

You’re in the water.

I’m clogged.


I was not born, but sent.

Have not been aged, rather

Smelted or forged. My flesh was

Left soft and rawly pink

By friction I never wanted to feel.

Should not have felt.

Can’t forget. I tape your pictures

Over the cracks in the walls,

Where I have stuffed

Macabre memorabilia.

Who knows why I keep this stuff?

(I keep it so that when the house

Falls down, I have an excuse)

You offer to help clean it out.

I have handed you boxes full of

Afternoons, alone in a house save one other.

You look in the boxes as bravely as I (wish I) did.

You cry like I do.


I’m stuck.

You’re through the window.

We both dream of unlocked clicking

Looking down runways to find you.

Video-call ends

Wifi dropped the signal.

We coordinate our adult bedtimes so we

Still change the clocks together.

If you, even though you have seen

The inside of my head, still love me,

Everything is easier than I thought.

You make me happy,

So tomorrow I will write you a happy poem.

Follow Riley on Twitter @koldfever. Find Riley’s blog at https://www.unsolicitedcomedy.com/ and portfolio at https://rileysmith0449.journoportfolio.com/.

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