Would you listen?! by Anon

*TRIGGER WARNING: Swearing, homophobic slurs, sexist slurs, suicide, self harm, abuse*

I’m trying and trying to speak

but my words just come back and hit me, bruise me,

“oo calm down”, “it was only a joke” “get a sense of humour”

but women aren’t funny. 

Be nice, smile, don’t be a bitch. 

Don’t laugh at the joke you’re leading them on, 

“get a sense of humour” laugh at the joke- 

but then it’s the women, “urgh look at her, laughing at his jokes, slut”
All the anger, snideness, curled lip, 

will you listen?
Listen to the sounds of the cries in the night,

listen to the sound of the little girl crying outside her mummy’s bedroom door, 

a barrier, a block between mummy’s face and daddy’s fist.
But the boys are crying too. No they’re not. 

Will you listen? Can you hear?

Can you HEAR me? Men are dying, crying, slitting their throats in the woods with a knife because “their family deserve better”, “they can’t be a burden” 

do you HEAR them?! 

Do you want to?
You’re a man, be a man, man up, get some balls, grow a pair, grab em by the pussy, you’re a pussy, whore, troll, slut, ugly bitch, stupid cunt, 

do you hear the women? Cunt, bitch, tease, slag

You silly tit. 

Why is it only the woman, my body that’s vile? That’s dirty? That’s the insult.

Dickhead, faggot, gay boy, gay lord, wanker, cocksucker, knobhead, it’s not a contest. 

There’s not a prize; no surprise, no winners. You’re a loser. They’re a loser.

LISTEN! Listen to me, can you hear me? 

Why me? Why when I speak, when I cry, when girls are online, offline, deadline, cutting, attention seeker, slut, whore, bitch. 

Boys going to the gym but they’re gay, too big, too small, too much, it’s enough, listen! 


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