What is Horror? | Guest Article by Gavin Gardiner

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.H.P. Lovecraft, ‘Supernatural Horror in Literature’ Now we have the obligatory Lovecraft quote out of the way, we can get on with figuring out what the hell horror really is. At least I… Continue reading What is Horror? | Guest Article by Gavin Gardiner


Together by Aimee Barry

Stumbling, past each day. Crumbling, is the world around me. Facing it, braving today, comfort in the togetherness, of the mess we’re in, a together-mess? Engulfed by a loneliness, too difficult to suppress. How long will this hell last, has the worst of it already passed? Do you think life will return to normal? Or… Continue reading Together by Aimee Barry


Biggest Fan, pt. 12 by Heather Taylor

“What did you want again?” Ceri half-shouted down the phone. She was queuing in a cramped café in the bustling heart of Paddington Train Station, winding her way around the tables and chairs like a conga line in slow motion until she reached the counter. Cherry, her wife of two-and-a-half years, had grown bored of… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt. 12 by Heather Taylor


Cut by Abi Silverthorne

Cut up, was the body was on the sofa. Where it had been left. Its leg was bent at the knee and turned slightly outwards. An ankle dangled over the edge of the seat, the arch of a bare foot just grazing the fibres of the carpet.  There were tights that started at the hem… Continue reading Cut by Abi Silverthorne


Where the Gutter Flowers Wilt, pt. 1 by Kyle Summerall

Summer rain blankets the windshield, turning the parking lot into a canvas of mottled lights. I could never paint something so beautiful in its normality. Even if I had the time and the kind of thick paint that you couldn’t get at Walmart. The kind that came in the tubes with a screw off cap… Continue reading Where the Gutter Flowers Wilt, pt. 1 by Kyle Summerall


Absent Thoughts by Ritvick Sharma

Where we were and where are we now? There's this question ticking, what to do & how? A disease was out there, Swallowing gullible lives! There was no light of hope, I got only negative vibes... The time wasn't oozing fast, Clock taught me a lot; Help was nowhere, My family held my thoughts. When… Continue reading Absent Thoughts by Ritvick Sharma


Being a Teenager in 2020 by Chloe Taylor

I am on the brink of becoming an adult. The thought of the future nearing closer and closer. And yet, this year threw everything off course. The shift to learning online and being in lockdown has changed a lot, and has made me realise so much about being a teenager, particularly in the year 2020.… Continue reading Being a Teenager in 2020 by Chloe Taylor


Forever a Writer | The New Facebook Writing Group!

Forever Endeavour is a growing community which supports aspiring writers, and we wanted to create an inclusive and inspiring space for creatives to share their work, share advice and build connections. So, the Forever a Writer Facebook Community was born! The Forever a Writer Facebook Group is a closed and private support community for aspiring… Continue reading Forever a Writer | The New Facebook Writing Group!


Shopping Centre by Rebecca Samura

I know it scared you every time our eyes lit up.Little hands reaching for shiny plastic and colourful lights.Can we get it?It hurts you to say no.Others looked on, watching the show.Your self doubts and insecurities magnified by what you thought, they are thinking.We ask again. you say no, again.There is only so long, little… Continue reading Shopping Centre by Rebecca Samura