Woman by Amy Jasek

This body is a conduit 

between the earth and sky

she sings to the moon

pulls heaven down

to wear across her shoulders

This body is a shadow 

of glory, a powerhouse

of creation, sealed with the Divine

she soars through her cycles

cries out wrenching

new beginnings from the

canyon of existence

She vibrates to the rhythm 

of the spheres, in tune

with the perfect pitch of forces

no eye can see

derived, one half of a whole,

but not derivative

This body, the restive palace

for the vast ocean of a soul

that sashays proudly

through a world crowded

with her counterparts

bringing the sweet wind of chaos

in the light of her storytelling eyes

bringing the whisper of delight

that only her curves can hold

This body is the fickle idol

that would bring a multitude

to its knees in the worship

of form’s perfection,

this temple of sun and shade

that the tongue gives names:

Femme,Donna, Frau, Mujer,

Sweetheart, Honey, Baby, Darling,


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1 comment on “Woman by Amy Jasek

  1. Reblogged this on The Poetry Patio and commented:
    Grateful to Forever Endeavor for sharing this poem of mine! Thanks y’all!


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