We Are Strong, We Shall Rise by Kimberly McAfee

These are difficult timesChaos spreads like wildfireUncertainty blankets us all like a thick covering of ashBut even though times have been difficultWe will surviveWe have grown strongerWe will be able to meet these challengesWe have survived so many difficulties this past yearOnes we couldn't have imagined in earlier timesSo even though chaos and uncertainty surround… Continue reading We Are Strong, We Shall Rise by Kimberly McAfee


If I Could Bottle My Sadness by Jayda Marí

Words pour from me In my darkest hours  A storm within me spilling Onto pages dedicated to my  Deepest feelings  An ocean of unshed tears  Filling my lungs  Waves of emotions, deep  Enough to drown me  Strong enough  To wash away everyone and everything  Around me  Some days calm  Soothing  Healing Always unpredictable If I… Continue reading If I Could Bottle My Sadness by Jayda Marí


Together by Aimee Barry

Stumbling, past each day. Crumbling, is the world around me. Facing it, braving today, comfort in the togetherness, of the mess we’re in, a together-mess? Engulfed by a loneliness, too difficult to suppress. How long will this hell last, has the worst of it already passed? Do you think life will return to normal? Or… Continue reading Together by Aimee Barry


Absent Thoughts by Ritvick Sharma

Where we were and where are we now? There's this question ticking, what to do & how? A disease was out there, Swallowing gullible lives! There was no light of hope, I got only negative vibes... The time wasn't oozing fast, Clock taught me a lot; Help was nowhere, My family held my thoughts. When… Continue reading Absent Thoughts by Ritvick Sharma


Shopping Centre by Rebecca Samura

I know it scared you every time our eyes lit up.Little hands reaching for shiny plastic and colourful lights.Can we get it?It hurts you to say no.Others looked on, watching the show.Your self doubts and insecurities magnified by what you thought, they are thinking.We ask again. you say no, again.There is only so long, little… Continue reading Shopping Centre by Rebecca Samura


Weekly Writing Prompt #65

‘Shallow’ [Definition: of little depth.] Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels you back to a vivid memory or sparks a whole new narrative or idea, challenge yourself and see where this prompt… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #65


I’m scared when I’m not in love by Sophia Georghiou

I’ve forgotten what to do with my body when no one is watching. I think about inviting the man on the sixth floor to share the skyline with me, but he doesn’t exist. I sit crossed legged by the window and stare out at a dormant city, a reset video game, I can’t be bothered… Continue reading I’m scared when I’m not in love by Sophia Georghiou


Trees for small gardens by Darcy Isla

I name my babieseven though I cannot keep themalready they arecalling to Triassic queenspruned pink perfectionblowing kisses at my windowon the breath of springbreaking bark and splitting eartht o lea v e mm eDecaisnea fargesiiwatchpost of the patchoutlier of the gardenstands tall to cold and diseasesomewhere else nowFicus carica Babitsself fertile Figdoes not need her… Continue reading Trees for small gardens by Darcy Isla