Painting of Words by Rene ‘Chinaski’ Vrabel

Looking out of the window, I see trees dancing from side to side to the sound of the wind. I see leaves falling to their death. Then piling on top of each other trying to climb back up. I watch the sun paint the sky red and yellow. Then taking a clean brush and tinting it into the pile of green leaves. Smearing it across the sky till it’s clear blue.

I see the sunflowers following the sun. Warming its faces without a moment of hesitation. Following it, until it disappears again. Then hanging its crowns low, as if never to see the sun again.

Through the empty sky, the moon tiptoes. Slowly first, then jumping from a star to a star. Some days naked, others covered by earth’s shadow. Some nights in arms of clouds, others splitting the darkness and stealing the sky. Guiding the found and drowning the lost. Whispering to the sea and stretching the lakes. Only to leave, followed by the stars – like ducklings follow it’s duck.

First rays appear and sunflowers stand to attention again. Another leaf climbs up the bark. I reach for the brush. Dipping it in letters. I am not writing anymore. I am painting. A painting of words.

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