Answer to the Seductress Divine by David Russell

You radiated alluring mirages

Spiced with innuendos of delicious doom,

Distilling all thoughts, all sensations

To moth-wing fragility,

Flanked with fireflies. 

So long I trod my solitary path,

So desperate for my prompt, my cue –

At last that longed-for whisper!

I heed your bidding, freezing  in my tracks

Knowing you know all about me

In deepest detail – surveillance celestial!

The curtains waft apart, caressed and pushed

By delicate hands; our eyebeams

Centrifugal, centripetal fusion,

Candles nodding to the fireflies,

Half-dark a back-cloth for eternity –

All sense of time elastic,

Shrunk to microseconds, inflated to zillennia

Footsteps with bated breath

Down that sacred corridor

Pressed in to the dark velvet of its carpet

To the phosphorescence of a mighty chamber

Suffused with a disembodied presence.

Straddling the sensory realm,

You blurred and melded

Long-term and short-term memory;

One beam of your eyes

Made an exhalation from the cosmic lung.

And then, in perfect harmony

Attuned to planets’ orbit symphony.

A fleshly form emerged,

Breathtaking in its tone.

Your words imperious:

“Come – you must be revealed!”

Each garment your deft hands unbuttoned, 

Unzipped, thrust back, eased down, removed

Felt like a step of transmutation,

Into lovely form to match your own,

Our bodies completing

What our eyes had initiated.

Upon the bower of rapture,

You made me feel 

That I had pleasured you

To the astral boundaries of your desires.

So melded, it seemed we’d  long to radiate

Our bliss to all humanity;

Contracted from the cosmos, 

We would refill it. Perhaps we did.

You bade me take my leave, Saying

“I’ve built you up, now you can face the world.”

So I retrace my path, invigorated

And on my way discern a fine Adonis form;

I sidestep so he will not see me on his path

I wish him well – all great minds think alike!

An answer to: Seductress Divine by Joy Sheridan | Women’s History Month

1 comment on “Answer to the Seductress Divine by David Russell

  1. You made me feel
    That I had pleasured you
    To the astral boundaries of your desires.

    Wow – sizzling description, David!

    All best,
    David [ben Alexander]


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