Frazzled by MonHattanMaid

Tightly wound and leashed,
my mind woke me up one night,
asked me to take him for a walk and a treat.
He needed fresh air away from the chain holding him constrained
And caged in too tight

I got up and dressed
Not at all impressed
How much really at best
can a mind be stressed?

I promised him I’d find us a bigger apartment,
one with windows for a view
So we could fill our lungs with air to breathe, and not be confined with a two by three
stuck in a box all the time
with no room to move
In a tiny compartment.

“Mental health is so important” he said
“I need to be walked daily and healthily fed”
“I know I am not good at this my best friend, I’ll try harder, you know you’re all I got in the end.”

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2 comments on “Frazzled by MonHattanMaid

  1. Kimberlee Robinson

    Beautifully written!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • monhattanmaid

      Thank you so much for reading my words 🤗 It was written for everyone who is consumed by the stress and anxiety of covid and having to adapt to this new normal. ❤️


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