Writing Challenge Advent Calendar 2020

Every day in December we are posting a new writing prompt or challenge to get you writing over the festive period.

For all the information, to see the prompts and take part in the advent calendar, head over to our Instagram @foreverendeavourmag!

See below for the list of writing prompts – updated once a day when we release them, so keep checking back!

DAY 1: Write about what you’re looking forward to this holiday season

DAY 2: Describe walking through a snowy forest

DAY 3: Santa discovers his evil twin… What happens next?

DAY 4: Write a poem titled ‘Joy’

DAY 5: Freewrite to ‘Driving Home for Christmas’

DAY 6: Write a story that starts with: ‘Only one present left to buy, I hope it isn’t sold out!’

DAY 7: Write a letter to yourself this time last year

DAY 8: A blind person wakes up on Christmas morning but can see! What happens next?

DAY 9: Write about the best present you have ever received

DAY 10: Describe your ideal festive meal (why not try a poem!)

DAY 11: Write a day in the life of Santa’s elves

DAY 12: I’m dreaming of a (BLANK) Christmas – freewrite and fill in the blank!

DAY 13: Your Christmas wish comes true! What happens next?

DAY 14: Write a story that starts with ‘Last Christmas’

DAY 15: Write a poem titled ‘Merry’

DAY 16: Rudolph gets separated from the rest of the reindeer on Christmas eve! What happens next?

DAY 17: A group of strangers are snowed in at a pub on Christmas eve… What happens next?

DAY 18: Imagine you can time travel to Christmas day in either the past or future…

DAY 19: Freewrite to ‘White Christmas’

DAY 20: Your holiday decorations come to life… What happens next?

DAY 21: Write a letter to yourself for this time next year

DAY 22: Imagine you can invite any famous figure (dead or alive) for a holiday dinner…

DAY 23: Write a poem about a snowman

DAY 24: Freewrite in any form with the title ‘hope’

3 comments on “Writing Challenge Advent Calendar 2020

  1. I love me some prompts, and this sounds like such a great idea. I guess I might check back every so often. Thanks for this!

    Liked by 1 person

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