Joy by Amy Jasek

In an instant

the tap turns on

fills the heart with


that pumps throughout

floating limbs

and digits

into the realm

of bubbles

finds its way up

the throat

and out

into the air

in the form

of a laughing shout

that dashes

in turn

to find an 

ear to enter

wheedling its way

down the internal


to animate

another heart

This poem is in response to Day 4 of the Forever Endeavour Writing Challenge Advent Calendar 2020. Follow Amy on Twitter and Instagram @AmyJasek and find her blog here: https://amyjasek.medium.com/

1 comment on “Joy by Amy Jasek

  1. Valerie Burke

    Great Amy. You have the poet’s soul. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

    Liked by 1 person

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