Together by Aimee Barry


past each day.


is the world around me.

Facing it, braving today,

comfort in the togetherness,

of the mess we’re in,

a together-mess?

Engulfed by a loneliness,

too difficult to suppress.

How long will this hell last,

has the worst of it already passed?

Do you think life will return to normal?

Or is this our new normal?

An abnormal,


What a tragic fatality, 

the loss of life as we know it.

Pressure to stay safe, well and fit.

Not to mention the struggle to stay afloat…


All aboard the unemployment boat!


we’re all struggling to a certain degree,

Who can help? Can anyone see?

The pain, the loss, the economic strain!


Worried about the ones we hold close,

if only we could, hold them close!

Instead it’s a visit on the drive way,

must stay apart,

two metres away!

The distance a burden on the heart.

Nan always makes life a little lighter,

my days a little brighter,

it’s not the same from a far! 

Not another Sunday roast eaten in my car.

Must keep them safe, they say!

Just hold on and soon we will see the day,

when we can grasp them, and never let go,

took life for granted,

if only I could’ve let myself know!

I’d have squeezed a little tighter,

laughed a little louder,

appreciated a whole lot more!

But how could I have been sure?

I miss my friends.

Driving about, being stupid, until the night ends,

McDonald’s at 12 am,

Oh what I’d do to see them!

A text isn’t the same,

I’ve lost a few friends along the way!

It’s a shame,

I suppose for the better, that’s what they say.

No bitterness, times like these we can’t afford to be hateful.

Others have been brought closer,

for that I am ever so grateful.

So much has changed this year,

confined to the walls of our tier,

no getting drunk and coming home with a mate,

home by ten Boris said, don’t be late!

Groups of six is the new cool,

despite the kids still going to school,

so many rules,

not many making sense,

all just fools subject to a government

making decisions with zero intelligence,

little intent,

to make life more convenient,

those less fortunate, hit the worst,

poverty levels and hunger on the rise,



It’s all we have in a time like this,

because we’re all together in this mess.

However long this lasts,

we’ve got each other until it decides to pass.

Togetherness is so important!

It’s the only thing we can be sure of,

in times so inconsistent,

stick together, speak to each other,

be kind to one another!

We can all help keep everyone’s heads above water!

Then soon enough, I can go back to being a granddaughter.

Check on your friends,

smile at one another!

But until this ends,

remember we’re TOGETHER!

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2 comments on “Together by Aimee Barry

  1. Wow. Brilliant work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love it Aimee. Can’t wait til you can come for chicken wraps again and a sleepover. We’re all missing you. Especially mad Frankie.
    Til then stay safe and eat roasts in your car ❤


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