Together by Aimee Barry

Stumbling, past each day. Crumbling, is the world around me. Facing it, braving today, comfort in the togetherness, of the mess we’re in, a together-mess? Engulfed by a loneliness, too difficult to suppress. How long will this hell last, has the worst of it already passed? Do you think life will return to normal? Or… Continue reading Together by Aimee Barry


Being a Teenager in 2020 by Chloe Taylor

I am on the brink of becoming an adult. The thought of the future nearing closer and closer. And yet, this year threw everything off course. The shift to learning online and being in lockdown has changed a lot, and has made me realise so much about being a teenager, particularly in the year 2020.… Continue reading Being a Teenager in 2020 by Chloe Taylor