#BuyAStrangerABook day

Big Green Bookshop ( and @biggreenbooks) is a bookshop in the UK ran by a guy called Simon.

Every so often, Simon will tweet out to his 35k followers asking if anyone would like a buy a book for someone else. There’s always a huge response, and Simon often offers a few free books away himself.

This is how it’s described on the website:

“Pretty much every Wednesday, I do a thing called #BuyAStrangerABook on Twitter.

Essentially people buy strangers books!

It’s a lovely thing to be able to do and I love it.

If you’re not planning on spending the day on Twitter, but still want to Buy a Stranger a Book, you can do it HERE.

I’ll eventually send you a poor-quality badge for doing this too.

The money you donate, I use to buy people or schools books who may not necessarily have the means to do so themselves.”

This is such a great idea, we couldn’t help but share it. If there’s a book you’re desperately wanting but don’t have the funds, or you do have the funds and want to treat someone else, here’s your chance!

P.S. As far as I know this is only a UK-wide thing.  They offer free UK postage too.

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