Absent Thoughts by Ritvick Sharma

Where we were and where are we now?
There’s this question ticking,
what to do & how?

A disease was out there,
Swallowing gullible lives!
There was no light of hope,
I got only negative vibes…

The time wasn’t oozing fast,
Clock taught me a lot;
Help was nowhere,
My family held my thoughts.

When everything was normal,
we were exploiting the nature;
Should I call it revenge of earth?
Are we still the best creature?

Concerns were high with time passing by,
Courage and sleep was what we did plead.
The moments I never Lived,
Became the new plant of weed.

Life was never boring,
We lacked those perceptive eyes;
Nature started healing,
After years I saw the mob of fireflies!

Better thoughts were coming to me,
Unveiling the presence of life,
As I saw outside those unseen
Spectrum of flowers living their lives…

I was wrong at moments,
I thought people were fake.
Suddenly I found them helping
whom I said “Leave for god’s sake!”

I was busy in the sea
when actually I required the shore,
That breeze called mind then told
I can do so much more!

Small things used to raze me,
frustration was around,
This hard time gave me peace,
patience is what I found.

Thought it’s not same for all,
But it’s ain’t much different.
I wonder I just survived earlier
when this thought was absent.

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