Siren by Serena Piccoli

to Alexandra

They started whirling the rumour I was a Monster
Had been swimming around me till I drank it

As it washed away the sea flowers in me
I became the Monster

Couldn’t lie on the rock among the others
Nor in the silvery foam

Anticipation drowned:
You wouldn’t get to me, trapped in the continuous storms of voices

I was the Monster
I would scare you

The high tide again
Brought another shipwreck
And out of the blue
Sinewy arms gently swimming
Rushed to reach my forgotten flowers

Your bronze caring creature
Met my eyes and hopes
While my hair was swinging with the waves

When you first held me
I killed the Monster

And saved myself
For us

Serena Piccoli (she\her) is an Italian poet and playwright. She’s a transfeminist, a lesbian and a human rights activist.

This poem is one of a collection of six written in dedication to her fiancée Alexandra. 

Her political chapbook of poems “silviotrump” was published in 2017 by Moria Poetry, Chicago, USA.

Her work has been featured in anthologies in UK (The quality of Mersey, Liverpool 2018; Hidden Voice Anthology 1, Manchester 2019), in USA (Extreme, a social environmental anthology, Vagabond, Los Angeles 2018), in magazines in UK (Abridged, Derry, May 2020; In the red 18, Liverpool, April 2020), USA, Romaniaand Italy. 

15 of her poems are on placesofpoetry.org UK Poetry Map.

Follow her on twitter @piccoli_serena.

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