Late to the party by Darcy Isla

We amputate our pleasure
when it becomes rotten with pain
Put new harnesses in rotation
to hang prettily with our new selves
carded like new linen
mutual in blank modernity
slippery, we lack salt
though we have excavated deeply
hoping to adopt
an overdue retirement
of sentiment

Darcy Isla (she/they) is a queer writer-performer based in the UK. Co-founder and co-host of Sonnet Sisters. Existing works include WAYSIDE – memoir; 100 FRIGGIN’ POEMS – poetry; IT’S OK TO FALL FOR CAMP BOYS – non-fiction (self-published); LITTLE IRRITANTS – poetry (Analog Submission Press). Her work has also been featured on Alpha Female Society and 330 Words. More work can be found on Darcy’s blog, and on Instagram @darcyislaasyoufindher

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