One Year of Forever Endeavour

Forever Endeavour launched a whole year ago today and we are so grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey over the last year.

Forever Endeavour began as a passion project from two creative writing graduates, hoping to create a community of like-minded writers and showcase their voices and ideas.

Since our launch last year, we have published over 100 pieces of creative writing, which in turn have received over 14000 views from our fantastic readers! We have loved reading your submissions and sharing the joy of our contributors when their pieces go live.

We have showcased wonderful writers all through the year, including in our International Women’s Day weekend celebration, and our dedicated Pride Month feature. We have also launched our first short story competition over the last few months, and are excited to read the entries over the coming weeks.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who submitted writing to the site and helped grow our Forever Endeavour family! Thank you to everyone who has read, commented on and shared the site – we are grateful for every person who helps us grow, and especially helps us find more writers to amplify the voices of!

Here’s to many more inspiring years.


Luke and Becca

Founder of Forever Endeavour

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1 comment on “One Year of Forever Endeavour

  1. Congratulations, Luke and Becca!👏


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