Sapiosexual by Ciara Maxfield | Pride Month

Come here let me undress ur mind, leave the clothes on. Get naked with ur thoughts. I touch you with no hands. Let me feel how u create new wonders of how to please my soul.

Dig deep into the inner you and drag out your inner self, bringing out the passionate lover.. give me something to think about. Something to want need and crave.

Lick me with your tongue filled with words of intellectual advice on how I can change the world. Suck me with your lips, having me shiver with the thought of being someone better than I am now. Make me cum, exploding with debates of religion, politics and astronomy. You leave me here in space, floating and starving for more of what you have, needing to taste your intelligence.

I cum all over your mind, leaving you with thoughts of the next revolution, turning your world upside down. Creating a mess all over your sheets, of paper that is. The ones you took notes on, writing down every moment of this successful intense sexual encounter. Leaving you stuck and holding you still with my eyes.

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