Rain by LordSoul

every soul carries a different perception of you 

many love the sounds of your harshness on late nights,

while others pray for your end to near.

You give life to some 

on your good days,

But you wash others out 

when you feel like it.

When you exclaim your presence

The kids sing,

“rain rain go away 

come again another day”

and I did the same 

until I reached adolescence.

to some you are peaceful 

to others you bring chaos .

to me, you bring much needed therapy.

at times I wish 

I could sit in the rain 

for hours at a time.

Because you give me a chance to release

the emotions I fail to flow with 

in my daily motions ,

a release of my bottled emotions.

My tear ducts ran dry at the age of 15

but the pain didn’t follow suit.

I take every drop of rain

running down my cheeks 

as a tear I never got to shed.

So while many loathe you 

or only acknowledge you.

I see your cloudy greeting 

and sing 

“rain rain stay a while 

let me heal while you pass by 

rain rain stay a while 

let me cry through you for now”

rain, its been a while 

and after months of not writing 

its easy to assume my emotional state

I hope I have the 

time to sit 

and release.

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