Fever of the Sleepers by Seapee Bajaj

Beneath the dark abyss of solitude,

there laid calmness even in those dense woods.

Those soft eyelids and delicate pupils held the humongous weight of the universal pinnacles!

Darkness gave up, the sunrise didn’t lose hope, as always.

The sun was up, but lower were the curtains, as always.

Hours passed by, the noisiest alarms failed.

Those two sleepy stars were stubborn, and the sun was again dismayed!


The wanderers sleep.

The seekers sleep.

The lost and broken believers sleep.

The criminals, how do they go to sleep?

The victims, why can’t they go to sleep?


Reality at times becomes a disease.

Hopping away into the parallel world turns out to be its medicine.

The fever instills in the eyes, the brain, the heart.

All the survivors of the harsh reality fall prey to the parallel world!


A fever develops gradually.

Two minds take birth, one wanting to wake up and the other to sleep a little.

We are trapped by the latter!

The fever gets a little stronger.

The day seems shorter while the nights lengthen.

The worries of the present further strengthen!


The sun now kissed his eyelids, he was breathing his last.

Flashbacks of his entire life rolled in his mind.

He wanted to wake up once and relive those memories.

If only an alarm could wake him up now.

This was his last sleep and first wish to awaken

until the winds blew the curtains and woke him up from this bad dream!

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