The earth said: ‘remember’ by Lou Hecht

The earth said: ‘remember.’

Remember what? I would have asked

Remember the moments that made me soar, high as a kite

Butterflies pour from my teeth when I speak of them


Maybe remember the moments that made me cry

that smashed the intangible object that is me

Now more than ever before


Or do you mean the lifetimes you have spun through

The break-ups, the make-ups

The wars of hate and the reckoning of peace


Remember that we cannot fix what is broken

But we can adapt and grow around it

That’s what I would have said to Earth,

If it had asked me to remember.

Follow Lou on Instagram @anaustrianabroad and you can find her blog at: http://louisahecht.wixsite.com/anaustrianabroad 

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