Offer by Juan Bautista Correa

I don’t have much to offer,

only two restless eyes,

all the music I’ve heard

and a great hunger for life

and understanding.


I can’t give you more

because I don’t have it.

I haven’t earned 

the right to have it.


I must admit,

I don’t like when I’m wrong,

I hate the Beatles,

life has cheated on me,

same as everyone.


I offer you

the will to go chasing

that world I don’t understand,

an awake mind to see

where the truth lies,

the joy of waking up

with a Strokes song,

infinite wrath to face

every injustice we find,

the courage to understand

the moment to say goodbye.


I offer you trying

to make you happy,

the most true promise I have.


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