Sublime Attire by David Russell

Could an extended kiss, breath held
Be that peeling elixir?
To plunge into the well,
Flooding our beings
With the radiance of youth –

Each peeled-off retro layer
Wafting back to the magic
Time of its making,

Its lovely seamstresses
Dreaming of the euphoria
Of its perfect wearer
Yearning to robe a legend,
With dormant creations

Then finally, after blank aeons
She appeared.

Would that I controlled
The universal wardrobe,
Had at hand
The outfits of all your heroines
The objects of your fascination

And that you could become
Each of them
As hinted by the zephyrs
Of your desire.

You outshone her reverie,
You – the living legend!

I ache to be the fabrics of your robes
Suffusing me with their essence
Your buttons, laces, zips
Vibrating through your fingertips and mine
As they presage my caresses
With blankets of warmth,
Pockets of cooling air
Tempering our heated breath
To exquisite delicacy. 

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