Transcendence by Iona Stuart

I dreamt about snow and cataclysm;
Of hopes shattering like glass,
Falling like stardust upon the mountain heads.
I dreamt of metal;
Of titanium bars cracking the fragile surface of yellow bone,
Infecting the core with their metallic presence.
I dreamt of time piercing pale flesh;
Of needles and razors, and blood
Seeping from all corners and crevices,
Staining carpets, lips, skin.

But then I awoke.
I awoke and saw mist on the windows;
Field upon field of smoke and mirrors,
Stretching out over a sea of shadows into grey infinity.
I awoke and heard the murmur of a thousand voices;
Words of life and death exchanged like wind,
Heavy weights hanging in the stifling air.
I awoke and felt the burden of statues crumble away;
Each rigid stone sensing the pain of forced movement,
Of eras that have eroded their once smooth shells.

And in that moment I knew the answers,
Understood the meaning of the dark swirling skies.
My soul connected to the light of pure energy,
And for a fleeting moment I glimpsed the life in its eyes.

Find more of Iona’s work on her website and Facebook page

1 comment on “Transcendence by Iona Stuart

  1. Such a visual experience, the words drew me in and I felt every thought. Very powerful.


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