The Tide by Sam Pellow

At the end of nineteen and the beginning of twenty

The land was clean with shelves of plenty

Though far away it rose to fame

soon enough the great tide came.


With fear of devastation we drove into panic

And so the nation dove like the ship Titanic

Completely  taken by surprise

We watched in fear the water rise.


Stay in your homes the Government did plead

And gave us loans in our hour of need

And so the lifeboat started to row

And with it the tide began to slow.


Though kept distant, we should stand together

For only time is left, it will not last forever

It will see its demise and victory will shout

You will see with your eyes the tide shall go out!

Sam is a member of the lifeboat crew in St Ives, Cornwall. His poem is reflecting on the current situation.

Stay safe everyone!

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