Female Empowerment within Business by Maddie Astle | International Women’s Day Celebration

As International Women’s Day is here, it’s so important to celebrate women in all realms of life. We can cherish women within family, friendships, education, government and a whole lot more.

It’s not been easy throughout history for women to make their way into positions of power, and that’s why it’s so important to really celebrate how far we have come.

Recently, I’ve seen just how amazing women can be within the world of business. Not only are the contributions that women are making pretty spectacular, but the support and kindness, woman-to-woman, has truly made me smile.

My experience of women in business

In November 2019, I started a blog that looks at the gap between education and adult life, and how ill-prepared us young adults are to make this jump. My blog is there to fill this gap, providing resources that we were never given in school, while also creating a platform that says it’s okay if you’re struggling to adjust to adult life.

Since starting my blog, I have joined numerous communities and groups that look at supporting each other and all of our ventures. Celebrating anything from travel blogging to jewellery-making, or even just living your day-to-day life.

I have found online female communities, such as Gals Who Graduate to be so empowering – females encouraging and supporting other females in all that they’re doing. I can’t begin to describe how positive the female community has been toward my writing and messages. Even as strangers, we’ve come to care about everyone and celebrate all the successes that we share together.

Instagram platforms aimed at women, such as the Insecure Girls’ Club, are so inspiring too. Showing just what us girls can do if we put our minds to it and support each other!

‘But shouldn’t this be expected?’ you ask

Not necessarily. The positivity and support of other women online has proven a welcome change from seeing how girls can tear each other down at school.

I’ve seen countless times that girls are against each other in all that they do – criticising their clothes, their aspirations and pretty much everything they do. We should realise that we can do so much more if we support every other girl, and tell her ‘yes, you do that thing, and I’ll be here to cheer you on’.

On International Women’s Day, it’s important to recognise us girls in all walks of life. While the feedback I’ve received from men has also been strong, it’s heartwarming to see groups of girls coming together to celebrate each other’s success.

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