We One by Fairouz Elbarakawy | International Women’s Day Celebration

It’s different,
From the perspective
Viewed and thought of

It’s dim,
From the frame
Of colours and sins

It’s not what dominance defines
It’s something more humanity, unidentified
It’s deep down in the woods
Of “they are men,and we aren’t them”
It’s been decades and years,
Letting out the voice of WeCan, buried underneath

Humiliation of this existence,
Is what actually brought them here, instead
But everyone just rephrases it,
To the Law of Superiority is men

Can’t we just settle here,
And listen to what needs to be said?
Why it’s always hard to be recognised?
We fully own the Powers of Human Rights

It is about unintentional mistakes?
Less education? Not sane?
Everyone is package of flaws, not us only

We are always a less priority,
And that is the dilemma, you blind to
As we are unity, We One
Those missing jewels,
Can form the intact symmetry

It’s like everybody,
Walks on new arising trees
Killing our own right,
To freely breathe

Don’t you think about it at least?
We are not only pleasure and children, to bring in here
We are something significant, fundamental
You should give a chance
To see the change, unseen

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